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The Huntingdon County Transportation Society actively archives and displays  ephemera, photography, data and information on  the rich transportation heritage of the area surrounding Huntingdon
Pennsylvania.  Local railroads like the East Broad Top, The
Huntingdon and Broad Top, and the Diamond Valley are all represented, as well as the Pennsylvania canal, local air service,
Navigable waterways, the roads, frontier trails and Native American paths.   Of course, the Pennsylvania, Penn Central, Conrail,
Amtrak and Norfolk Southern are addressed as well. 

For the rail buff, the location of one of the only surviving towers of this sort is located only 25 miles or so from Altoona, the Horseshoe Curve, and the railroader's Museum, and only 15 miles from the northern terminus of the East Broad Top RR.  (We are 100 feet from the HBT and canal).  Only 30 miles from State College and 30 miles from Lewistown.  15 miles from I-99, 21 miles from I-76, and there is an Amtrak station 200 yards away.  Not too far off the beaten path!

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