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Brady School Board Officers 1847-1881


The officers of the school board of Brady in 1846 were Dr. John Metz, president; John A. Campbell, secretary; and L. G. Kessler, treasurer. The directors for subsequent years were as follows:

Solomon Sharp, William Hare, William Brown, Isaac Woolverton, Eli Harris, James Miller
Jacob Musser, James Miller
Isaac Woolverton, William Brown
Daniel Detweiller, John Watson
Jacob Musser, Christian Miller
John K. Metz, Samuel Sharer
John A. Campbell, John Watson, Henry McCarthy
Jacob Musser, Jesse Yocum, John Montgomery
J. A. Campbell, John Vandevender
Adam Warfel, Charles McCarthy
John Rupert, Christian Ross
Dutton Madden, F. A. McCoy, Christopher Detweiller, Thomas Morrison
Adam Warfel, John A. Campbell, Jacob Musser
James K. Hampson, Christopher Detweiller, Jacob Sharp, Thomas Morrison
H. J. McCarthy, Thomas Morrison, Henry Cramer
George Hawn, Jacob Hight, John Weston, Elliot Robley
Christian Yoder, G. W. Thompson
Jacob Musser, E. A. Green, Caleb Wakefield
George Eby, Samuel Grove
Jacob Goodman, Jacob Sharp
John W. Miller, Joseph N. Hamilton
George Eby, D. H. Foster
Caleb Wakefield, Isaac Gorsuch, J. M. Stonebreaker
George Eby, D. Etnier
George Eby, D. Etnier
Felix Smucker, James Huey
Amos Smucker, William H. Thompson, F. Gates
George Eby, Abraham Wagner
James Huey, Thomas J. Gates
Amos Smucker, A. P. Burnham
Isaac Oatenkirk, H. Z. Metcalf
George Eby, H. H. Molier, D. Etnier, Frank Wolfkill, George Hawn
Cyrus S. Brown, David Detweiller
Henry Withers, Samuel G. Simpson
George Eby, John K. Metz

At this period the officers were Henry Withers, president; George Eby, secretary; and S. A. Hughes, treasurer.